About Us

Introducing Rent A Grandma

“Always Trust Your Grandma”

Rent A Grandma is your one stop agency for all your quality domestic staffing needs. Our Grandmas are carefully screened mature women who are only the most professional, experienced staff and meet the standards you will demand for own “Grandma”. Rent A Grandma sets a standard unequaled in the industry. Our agency carefully screens and background checks each applicant.

You can trust our Grandmas. Plus, our Grandmas don’t text or tweet while they are watching your kids!

Our Grandmas are:

  • Carefully screened
  • English speaking
  • Most have decades of experience in childcare and providing household services
  • Loyal & committed
  • Why hire a teenage nanny when you can have a Grandma?

Rent A Grandma services include:

  • Nannies
  • Household Maintenance Staff
  • Large Estate Management Staff
  • Specialized services (chef, personal assistant, organizing, party help, elderly care, etc.)
  • Our Grandmas also love pets! Pet sitting/pet care services available

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