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Want your own Rent a Grandma Business?

Now you can have your own business with one of the fastest growing companies in America!

Dear Potential Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Rent a Grandma family. Rent a Grandma has taken off like a rocket going to the moon...

If you have ever dreamed about being your own boss, of not answering to anyone else but yourself, of keeping your own profits and not laboring for a company that treats you more like a number than a person, owning your own business is a dream come true.

Rent a Grandma has been generating national media attention, having being featured on:

  • Fox Business News
  • ABC News
  • UK Daily Telegraph
  • CNBC
  • AARP Bulletin
  • Today Show
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Laura Ingraham Show
  • Fox News Channel
  • Daily Business News
  • Shark Tank (ABC)
  • Entrepreneur Magazine

...just to name a few.

Take advantage of millions of dollars in publicity for an idea whose time has come. People will always be having children and will always need reliable trusted care in the home. Who better than experienced, trusted Grandmas? Grandmas that don't text or tweet while watching the kids!

Because of the incredible amount of publicity and excitement generated for our services, Rent a Grandma is receiving more requests from prospective clients across the nation than we can handle. The interest is overwhelming and the requests from people to hire Grandmas has become a flood.

Business consultants have suggested we price our franchises at a much higher investment than we are. However, realizing, that in today's challenging economic environment, that a large upfront fee might pose an obstacle for entry. So, for a limited time, we have priced our franchises at a lower rate so that anyone who serious about owning their own business won't have to miss out on this unique opportunity.

Where else can you open your own business within weeks - one that has and will continue to receive major media attention - for a low an investment? This is an excellent opportunity to make a dynamic income with a low investment.

Join us and help the millions of households in need of domestic services. Match families in need of domestic help with mature, wise women who care and want to share their life experience.

Bottom line is that for a small investment for this ground-floor opportunity, you can create a lifetime of success.

Best regards,
Todd Pliss
President, Rent a Grandma