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Preserve your elderly family members memories, life experiences and messages for future generations. Rent a Grandma's clients, as well as our wonderful Grandmas, have often expressed to us how special it would have been to have had their own Grandma's life experiences, wisdom and special thoughts perserved for them, their famly members and future generations. Just imagine if it was possible to view your own grandparent talking about her experiences during wartime, or as a new immigrant in America, or long forgoitten family-tree history or sharing her wisdom for future generations? It would be quite special, wouldn't it?

Something that could be passed on to future generations also. Grandmas (& grandpas too!) often find it therapeutic to share their life experiences and makes them feel less isolated. Their kids and grandkids are often too wrapped up in their own lives to ask many questions of them or listen to stories about their rich lives. And then, when the younger family members want to learn more, it's often too late. With Grandma Chronicles, you never have to fear that you will forget the voice or face of someone you love.

Grandma Chronicles was formed to help families connect and preserve precious memories by videotaping the life stories of an elderly family member or a terminally ill loved one.

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How Does It Work?

We will schedule an appointment to visit your home or comfortable location of your choice.

Our professional videographers bring all necessary equipment and a friendly, care expertise. They will guide you or your loved one through the interview. No preparation necessary.

Completed videos average 50-75 minutes in length. Videos are fully edited, including a photo montage set to client-selected music.

Grandma Chronicle videos are a priceless gift that families will treasure for many years.

How Much Does It Cost?

To have a professional Grandma Chronicles video produced, the cost is $599. This includes everything needed to help preserve your loved one's precious memories. To get started, just fill out and submit the following form:

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