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QR Gravesite Legacy Markers

QR Code Gravesite Marker

My Legacy Memorial has created a new way to honor the lives of our ancestors. Legacy Markers are turning headstones into living memorials where family/friends/historians/or visitors can now be face to face with your ancestors; viewing their pictures, hearing their voices, and reading their legacy. With Legacy Memorial your loved one is no longer just another headstone!

A Legacy Memorial is similar to an online scrapbook, where friends and family can upload information about the person buried there, such as: an obituary, family heritage and history, photos, genealogy, favorite stories and memories, comments by friends and relatives, a map to locate the cemetery or favorite place, and donation pages for research or family donations.

Legacy Memorial can add a link onto the monument which enables smart phones users to scan and instantly connect to your personalized memorial. It can be viewed on the phone as visitors wander through the cemetery or from home by simply typing in a unique web address into your internet browser.

How Does It Work?

1. Legacy Markers

Legacy Marker Closeup

We will send you a hand-crafted plaque which has been etched with a personalized QR barcode that, when scanned with a smartphone, will instantly connect visitors to their personal memorial of pictures, memories, videos, and other genealogy documents. Legacy Markers are perfect for placement on new or existing cemetery headstones, national memorials, veteran memorials, museums, mausoleums, cremation urns, field stones, and anywhere else you would like.

If needed, we provide a plaque that is placed on display in your home or memorial in situations where cremated remains were scattered.

Already have an online memorial? We can create a custom Legacy Marker to an existing memorial website! Just tell us the URL and well take care of the rest!

2. Create your Memorial

A Legacy Memorial is similar to an online scrapbook, where friends and family can upload information about the person buried there. Families can upload:

Photos / Videos / Genealogy / Obituaries / Stories
Memories / Histories / Audio Recordings / Donations Pages
Visitor Logs / Comments / And More!

Each Memorial is securely stored online where it is preserved for generations! Your Memorial can be viewed from any mobile device or personal computer anywhere in the world.

Simply upload memories, photos, and more into your secure Legacy Memorial. We provide a guideline to help you easily upload your information. The upload is extremely easy to follow and simple to do because we do most of the work! No programming or computer experience is required, its as simple as answering a few questions! You may also upload updates at any time to keep your Memorial relevant and up to date.

If purchasing the 'Custom QR Marker' product by itself, please note that you will not have access to our memorial management service and will be responsible for providing your own URL to be used on the gravesite marker.

3. Affix your Marker

Installation is done in seconds because each marker is affixed with a self-sealing adhesive tape. It is already applied to the marker, so simply peel the protective tape off the back and adhere it to the memorial. Cleaning the surface with a simple alcohol prep pad (included with every marker) creates a clean surface to adhere to. These materials will not harm your headstone or memorial. Older headstones may be brittle, so caution should be used when placing your Legacy Marker on deteriorating headstones. There is no drilling, cements, or need for a professional to apply. Wet, dry, hot, or cold, your marker will last for generations.

Legacy Memorial w/ Marker

A QR marker as well as a lifetime subsription to the Legacy Memorial service where you can update your legacy page with custom videos, photos and more.

Your legacy page will be managed from

Custom QR Marker

Purchase only the custom QR marker and link it to an existing website or social media account of your choosing (set in the 'notes' section of PayPal checkout).

Important: Remember to specify your marker URL in the PayPal 'notes' section.